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Lever Type Dial Indicators; Applied Examples / Precautions for Handling

 Lever Type Dial Indicators; Applied Examples
Lever Type Dial Indicators ; Applied Examples

 Lever Type Dial Indicators; Precautions for Handling
Dial gauges shall be used by being fixed to a rigid retainer to prevent the influence of flexure or the like.
In measurement, the measuring direction shall be made perpendicular to the center line of the measuring probe.
Lever Type Dial Indicators ; Measuring direction

In case they are not perpendicular, a correction by the following formula is necessary:
Due to various measuring direction, the contact point sometimes can not be angled perpendicular to the
measuring device.
Examples the diagrams below, where the measuring prove is set at an non-perpendicular angles and the
distance between the pivot of the contact point and the measuring device is signified by the letter H:
Displacement = quantity of pointer movement × COS

 Using a PC-1A indicator, suppose the degree of angle is 3Oand the Pic Test reading is 0.05mm.
 The factor for the PC-1A indicator from the graph is 0.87.
 0.05mm × 0.87 = 0.0435 = 0.043mm
When modification is not necessary:
If the measuring tolerance is 10% and the graph factor is above 0.9, modification by calculation is unnecessary.

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