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Quick Chart for "PEACOCK" Lever-Type Dial Indicators

 Quick Chart for "PEACOCK" Lever-Type Dial Indicators

Lever-Type dial indicators are most suitable for alignment and TIR (Total Indicator Run-Out) testing.
There are two types of lever-type dial indicators. Pivot bearings are used on all of Peacock's lever-
type indicators, which assure exceptional precision over a long period of time.

Name of Parts
 When the change lever is in position (A),
 the contact point in direction (1) and the
 pointer rotates CW.
 When the change lever is shifted to
 position (B), the contact point moves in
 direction (2) and the pointer rotates CCW.
Without change lever, the contact
point inverses automa-tically both
directions but the pointer rotates
always CW.

For particular requirements PC and PCN series are available.

Model numbers ending with U, E, D or W signify particular applications.

 ( U type )
 Anti-magnetic contact point and pointer allow valid measurement even
 in strong magnetic fields.
 Electric flow is blocked by ceramic stem.
 ( E type )
 Super low
 measuring force
 Measuring force is lower than other lever-type dial indicators.
 Special indicators with high sensitivity for measurement soft, highly
 elastic materials.
 ( D type )
 Large dial face  Large dial face with large numbers allows easy reading of test results.
 ( W type )
 Double dial face  Double sided dial faces allow easy reading from any direction.

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