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Quick Chart for "PEACOCK" Dial Gauge

We have named our dial gauge by model numbers, which indicate measurement range and graduation,
instead of product code numbers.
Our model numbers are:
The first and second digit numbers ( 1, 2, 4, 10, 20, 30, 50, 80 ) signify measurement ranges.
The last digit numbers 7 0.01mm graduation
5 0.001mm graduation
6 or 9 Special graduation
Z Less than one revolution dial gauge
Exceptions: 1. Model No.5 signifies 1mm measurement range with 0.001mm graduation.
Exceptions: 2. Model No.196A, 196B signify 5mm measurement range with 0.01mm graduation.

 Dial Gauge  Less Than One Revolution Dial Gauge
Larger space between graduation
allows easier reading.
17Z With carbide contact point
Grad.(mm) Range(mm) Model 17Z-SWA Oil-proof, carbide contact point
0.01 1 No.17 17B White dial face
3 No.36B Small dial face 47Z-XB Long stem, carbide contact point
4 No.47 Small dial face 47Z Long stem, flat carbide contact point
5 No.57 B: balanced dial. S: small dial face 47SZ Short stem, carbide contact point
10 No.107 F-T: continuous CCW dial.
SWA: oil-proof
107Z-XB Long stem, carbide contact point
20 No.207 S: small dial face.
W: center pointer
107Z Long stem, flat carbide contact point
30 No.307
50 No.507
5 No.196A Back plunger, stem Ø6.35mm
5 No.196A-6 Back plunger, stem Ø6mm
5 No.196B Back plunger, stem Ø8mm 196Z
0.05 50 No.509 5Z Long stem, flat carbide contact point
0.1 80 No.809 5Z-XB Long stem, carbide contact point
0.001 1 No.5B 5SWF: oil-proof.
5S: small dial face
15Z Short stem, carbide contact point
2 No.25 S: small dial face 15Z-SWF Oil-proof, carbide contact point
5 No.55 18 Long stem, white dial face,
carbide contact point
0.005 3 No.36A S: small dial face
5 No.56 One Revolution Dial Gauges "Z" Series

 Name of Parts
Name of Parts

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