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Cylinder Gauges for Measuring Spline and Internal Gears

For Peacock,
measuring unusual
places and shapes
is never impossible.
Using specified ball diameters on both ends, we custom-manufacture
dial bore gauges for measuring pitch diameter.
For measuring root diameter, we remove the contact point guides
(centering mechanism) so the gauges will not touch either gear tooth
For measuring the inside diameter, we add contact point guides
(centering mechanism) to support the gauges on top of the gear teeth.
Measuring Pitch Diameter
Please specify pitch diameter and
ball diameter.
(Carbide material will be used for
all balls if not specified. For very
unique requirements, we some-
times ask customers to supply us
their own gauge balls.)
When gauge balls interfere with
tooth surface and invalidate the
measurement, we truncate both
We provide customized conversion
tables for applications with odd
numbered teeth.
(Individual conversion table is made
just for your application.)

* The diameter of these balls
is a key point.

* Both ball ends are truncated.

Measuring Large Diameter
Please specify large diameter
(ø D), width and height of face.
(We design contact points that do
not touch either gear surface.)
When the number of teeth are odd,
one side of the contact point is
bifurcated to straddle a tooth.

* Dimensioned the size of
contact point

* Contact points straddle a tooth

Measuring Small Diameter
Please specify inside diameter size
and whole depth of tooth.
(We design contact point guides on
both sides of contact point.)
Ball tip is used on contact point

For shallow spline and internal
These bore gauges for measuring
spline and internal gears are adopted
from CC series (standard bore gau-
ges). For measuring shallow spline
and internal gears, we adopt CG

* Putting contact point guides against
the top of the teeth is the key.

* Ball tips avoid friction wear

For Inquiries:
We provide quotes based on submitted workpiece drawings or actual workpiece examples.
There is no minimum quantity required.
Please specify what you want to measure, workpiece materials and tolerance.
(Please contact us directly or call a sales representative in your area.)

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