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Linear Gauges ; Measurement range ( 0 - 5mm )

Best suited for deviation measurement. (DL-2/DL-2S)
Best suited for confined conditions. (D-5/D-5S)
Best suited for work in confined space measurement. (D-5UZ Discontinued)
Lever Type DL-2 DL-2S
Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm
Range 0`2mm 0`2mm


Lever slides vertically, straight
up and down, as shown, ( to
eliminate error caused by arc
operation. )
Pencil Type D-5 D-5S
Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm
Range 0`5mm 0`5mm
Small Type D-5UZ ( Discontinued )
Resolution 0.01mm
Range 0`5mm

Model DL-2 DL-2S D-5 D-5S D-5UZ ( Discontinued )
Range (*1) 2mm 5mm 5mm
Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm 0.01mm 0.001mm 0.01mm
Accuracy (excluding
quantized error)
 0.01mm  0.003mm 0.005mm 0.002mm 0.01mm
Measuring force Less than 0.6N Less than 0.5N Less than 1.0N
Mounting method ø 6.5mm hole on lug back
or dovetail at bottom
ø 8mm stem ø 6.5mm hole on lug back
Contact point Sø 2mm carbide Sø 2.4mm cooper (X-2) Sø 2.4mm steel (X-107)
Cord length 2m
Operating temperature 0 - 40ºC
Output signal 90º phase difference, 20µm pitch (R03-PB8M Tajimi connector)
Compatible standard
C-500 / C-700
Options Extension cables of 2, 3, 5, and 10 meters are available
(*1) Lever moves linearly, unlike the arc movement in a lever type dial indicator.

Dimensions (DL-2 / DL-2S)
Dimensions DL-2/DL-2S

Dimensions (D-5 / D-5S)
Dimensions D-5/D-5S

Dimensions (D-5UZ XS-6)
( Discontinued )
Dimensions D-5UZ XS-6

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